Painted Acoustic Guitar Gallery

If you’re focus is to learn acoustic guitar, this gallery should be a treat for your eyes…

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Enroll In Professional Guitar Training

Beginner Guitar Training To Further Your Journey

While it’s possible to learn some guitar basics using free YouTube videos for your beginner guitar lessons, if you do, there will undoubtedly come a time in your guitar journey when you’ll feel your progress is stifled.  Usually, guitar training for beginnersthis is the result of not knowing what to focus on next.

It manifests itself in various ways.  Up until till now, you may have successfully jumped from one random guitar lesson video to the next as they interested you, but you’re now finding gaps in your knowledge.  You aren’t sure if you are actually learning things in the proper order.  You begin to wonder if you’re properly building your foundational skills.  You may even be wondering if you will ever be able to truly master the guitar.

Your Guitar Journey Has a Fork In The Road

This, my friend, is when your guitar journey will basically go in one of two directions…

You’ll either signup with one of the better professionally-taught courses where they present guitar lessons for beginners using a methodical approach or, you’ll continue trying to get by with the free video lessons.  While free is always tempting, make no mistake — it’s ultimately very costly to your guitar journey.  The “cost” of which I speak is the opportunity cost of where you could be in your guitar journey a year from now if you were learning the right things in the right order.  The cost of needless frustration and aggravation as you attempt to play songs for which you’ve skipped learning the necessary techniques to do so.

Make Use of Guitar Training Reviews

I recommend you check out some of the various online guitar training reviews out there.  As everyone is different, it’s best to take a look at several reviews before making up your mind.  Seeing a number of reviews of a particular guitar training program will help you get a better feel of whether that particular online guitar course is really suited for you.  You can search Google and find a number of sites reviewing the various online guitar lesson sites such as

Most of these “Learn to Play Guitar” programs involve taking you by the hand, leading you gently further and further down the path to mastering the guitar.  Often, the guitar video lessons are in small segments that you can complete in less than 15 minutes.  And it’s really nice that you are free to watch your lessons at your own schedule.  If you’re sick or “can’t make it”, no worries – it’s still waiting there for you when you can get to it.

After the foundation training, they’ll take you into style-specific lessons.  So whether you want to learn Rock, Blues, Country, etc, you’ll have access to the tutorials you need to master those genres.

Most programs also include some advanced training.  Some will include song lessons as well, but many do not.  So, if that is of particular importance to you, be sure to double-check on that aspect.

A Bargain Compared to Local Guitar Lessons

The cost to join is cheap considering most of these run $150-$250+ per year.  A single 1 hr lesson with a local guitar instructor can run you $50.  And you won’t be able to “replay” that lesson over and over as you can with online guitar lesson videos.

So I hope I’ve helped you see the value in professional online beginner guitar lessons.  Joining up with such a program really is the single most important step you can take to further your guitar journey.